Old woman angelfish munching our bubbles at the safety stop

Old woman angelfish in Sodwana

Old woman angelfish (Pomacanthus rhomboides) are curious, friendly fish, and this one spent a long time with our group of divers in Sodwana Bay while we explored Pinnacles on Two Mile Reef. (S)he was biting our bubbles and swimming among us like one of the gang. You can see the first part of her visit in this video.


I especially enjoy being visited by one of them on the safety stop, as they are good companions and provide some entertainment during what is usually an uneventful time.

The Reef Guide is a good place to learn more about, and identify, the fish you see on dives off South Africa’s south and east coasts.

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  1. you may be mistaken, this is a natal knifejaw. Not an old woman angel fish in the video

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