The Dive Site issue 2 Spring 2010

Magazine: The Dive Site

The Dive Site issue 2 Spring 2010
The Dive Site issue 2 Spring 2010

I have ranted before about how magnificent this magazine is, and I felt it was worth doing so again. If you’re a diver, and not subscribed, SHAME ON YOU! Get thee to the Dive Site website and sign up!

It’s free, and marvellous. The magazine arrives in print every quarter, and there’s a weekly newsletter that is packed with super articles, updates and competitions. You can read the magazine online, too, should you so wish.

It’s hands down the best diving magazine in South Africa. Tony and I keep our copies with our books rather than with the pile of magazines in the guest loo! This is how a diving magazine should look.

I also like it because the editor takes a strong ethical stance on whaling, shark finning, and conservation issues in general.

Latest issue (Summer 2011)

In the latest issue (which came out several weeks ago), freediver Hanli Prinsloo ruminates on the virtues and ethics of eating fish. Charles Maxwell, underwater videographer, speaks about his work and favourite subjects to film. There’s a fascinating article on the Okavango Delta, covering the cameramen for Into the Dragon’s Lair, a documentary about the (very large) Nile crocodile. There’s an article on shark finning in Mozambique, and some beautiful work by underwater photographer Fiona Ayerst.

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