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Confined water skills

When I worked at Calypso in Durban, we’d do students’ confined water skills in the Avis Snorkel Lagoon at uShaka Marine World. It’s a beautiful setting. Here’s a short clip of me doing skills with Open Water students. At the start, I had to reprimand one of the group because he kept blowing bubbles at the batfish. No fish were harmed in the making of this video!


The students are practising buddy breathing (it was still in the Open Water course at that stage). Notice how they each take two breaths off the regulator, indicating one… two… with their fingers so their buddy knows how long he has to wait to get his turn. Notice also how I encourage them to exhale while they don’t have a regulator in their mouths. Towards the end of the clip they practise breathing off one another’s alternate air source (octo).

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