Issue 1 Winter 2010

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Issue 1 Winter 2010
The Dive Site Issue 1 Winter 2010

If you dive in South Africa and you have not signed up for The Dive Site magazine, you should. It’s free – costs not one cent – and the best dive magazine in South Africa. The articles are fascinating, the photos are magnificent, and that necessary evil – the advertisements – are relevant, classy and unobtrusive. It’s a large format magazine printed on thick glossy paper, which means that you can keep it proudly for years to come.

There’s also a weekly newsletter that is well worth signing up for even if you can’t get the magazine (the print run is limited). It features awesome photography, blogs by divers, conservationists and other interesting people, and very cool competitions.

Bookmark The Dive Site in your web browser and support this high quality initiative for South African divers!

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