Silvertip nudibranch at Roman Rock, by Jerrel van Beek

Newsletter: Loose ends

Hi divers

Weekend plans

Saturday: Launching from Hout Bay to the BOS 400 and Tafelberg Reef

Text me or reply to this mail if you want to dive.

We did not manage any diving last weekend as the boat was scheduled to launch in Gordon’s Bay for the Aqualung Fun Day on Saturday but we were cancelled on Friday evening because of bad visibility on that side. Sunday was a howling south easter day so no diving was done.

This weekend has a forecast similar to last weekend but with a few differences. The 3 metre swell that is in every forecast does not appear to be around as the Atlantic wave buoy registers 2 metre swell at the moment and False Bay was relatively flat today. The wind is another matter… There is however less wind on Saturday, so an early launch in Hout Bay is on the cards. We will dive the BOS 400 and Tafelberg Reef. Sunday will be too windy for my kind of diving.

Thanks very much to Jerrel for this week’s photo – taken two weekends ago on a dive to Roman Rock.

Silvertip nudibranch at Roman Rock, by Jerrel van Beek
Silvertip nudibranch at Roman Rock, by Jerrel van Beek

Mozambique trip

There is still space on the Mozambique trip (28 June – 4 July). Remember to book your flights if you’ve decided to join us – get more info from Clare. That is how you will confirm your spot.


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Diving is addictive!

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