Large roman at Pie Rock

Dive Sites: Pie Rock

Tinus and Lindsay needed to finish their Open Water course, so we  visited Pie Rock in False Bay for a boat dive. Pie Rock is so named because someone, once long ago, thought that part of the reef system resembled a slice of pie. I couldn’t see anything pie-shaped, but there are some nice rocks there!

There’s a spectacular pinnacle that rises to within 5 metres of the surface, but most of the dive we spent at a depth of about 15 metres. The topography is similar to Castor Rock, Partridge Point, and the other rocky reefs on the western side of False Bay. There are abundant overhangs and crevasses, and a large cave with several entrances that was found by other members of our group.

We saw several very large roman, and more magnificent anemones than I thought were possible to exist in one place. The site is entirely within the Castle Rock restricted zone, and the abundance and health of the marine ecosystem attests to the protection that it has received.

Dive date: 18 May 2011

Air temperature: 19 degrees

Water temperature: 12 degrees

Maximum depth: 18.5 metres

Visibility: 12 metres

Dive duration: 33 minutes

Ruby Runner, Grant's boat, seen from below
Ruby Runner, Grant's boat, seen from below

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