Crossing from Robben Island to Big Bay

Newsletter: Fog for thought

Hi divers

Weekend diving

Saturday: Shore dive(s)

Sunday: Launching from Simon’s Town jetty for an undisclosed location in False Bay!

Crossing from Robben Island to Big Bay
Crossing from Robben Island to Big Bay

Conditions report

The weekend started with a foggy wait in Table Bay for the fog to clear before the Robben Island Freedom Swim could get underway. Once it had lifted we were once again treated to a Le Mans style start your engines and full throttle race to Robben Island.There are some pictures on facebook.

We had very clean water for diving in False Bay on Sunday  but the fog made it a little unpleasant on the boat because of the other boat traffic. 

The viz has slowly dropped off during the week. On Monday we were out at Dias Beach inside the Cape Point reserve for another swim event and the water was very clean there and inside False Bay, but by late afternoon it had got a lot darker. Some photos from that day are also on facebook.

Waiting off Dias Beach for the swim to start
Waiting off Dias Beach for the swim to start

The water does not look spectacular anywhere. Hout Bay is not that clean and Table Bay very patchy. False Bay looks better than anywhere else. The downside is that we are forecast to have a southerly swell which does not do False Bay any good. I am at another Robben Island swim event tomorrow so I will have a better idea of the conditions there tomorrow evening.

The diving plan for the weekend is thus shore dives on Saturday, and boat dives in False Bay on Sunday. I’m not going to select sites in advance – we’ll go wherever we can find clean water.

Text or email me if you want to dive.


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Diving is addictive!

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