This is why we love diving

Refresh yourself!

No matter what your qualification level, if you have not dived for a while, or have had a bad dive and not been in the water since, it’s often a very good idea to have a refresher dive with an instructor.

You may not remember how all the kit fits together – which is quite important, as you are relying on your gear to be correctly configured when you’re underwater! The instructor will revise this with you, and help you fine-tune your buoyancy again. You’ll also cover basic skills like mask clearing and removal, regulator recovery and equalising your ears.

Most likely you’ll do the refresher in a decidedly non-threatening environment like Long Beach in Simon’s Town, surrounded by other eager scuba diving students. Then you’ll go for a dive, and remind yourself why the underwater world is so appealing…

This is why we love diving
This is why we love diving

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