Pyjama catsharks

Pyjama catsharks… in their pyjamas

We’ve seen a handsome pyjama catshark at Long Beach on a night dive before – about 75 centimetres long and gorgeously striped in white and blue. These small sharks are nocturnal, and during the day apparently like to sleep clustered together and even lying on top of each other in rocky gullies.

We often peer into the ends of the pipeline, looking for octopus (or whatever else is interesting). Lately we’ve been seeing the shape of a large fish in there, but it’s been too dark to figure out exactly what we were looking at. On Sunday morning Tony stuck his video light into the pipe, and his small Sony digital still camera, and took a picture. It’s not the most outstanding photograph ever taken, but we’ve clearly discovered where the pyjama catsharks like to hide during the day!

Pyjama catsharks
Pyjama catsharks having a snooze

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