Interesting gaps between the rocks and in the kelp are fun for divers!

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This is a strange time to be alive, and we are all (hopefully) adjusting to being confined to our homes for the next 21 and perhaps more days. This is a challenge, as I don’t need to tell you. Thankfully there are ways to pass the time, whilst not forgetting about the ocean and scuba diving, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you.

Interesting gaps between the rocks and in the kelp are fun for divers!
Interesting gaps between the rocks and in the kelp are fun for divers!


Free online first aid courses from DAN

DAN Southern Africa has generously made their catalogue of online first aid courses free of charge for the next one month. Pick from the list below:

(Rocking back and forth on your couch contemplating existence and eating popcorn is also ok – don’t feel obliged to try to transform yourself into an intellectual and physical hulk during lockdown.)

Marine Life Identification with Georgina Jones

The City iNaturalist Challenge is rolling around again at the end of April. Georgina’s planned fish ID workshops probably aren’t going to happen in the originally planned face to face format, so she’s preparing daily online posts with information (and photos) on common marine life around Cape Town. You can find these in the Underwater Cape Town facebook group, which you should join if you’re not already a member. Georgina knows what she’s talking about.

The Sea-Change book

We reviewed the incredible Sea Change book a while ago. During the lockdown period, the Sea Change team is making the e-book available free of charge to South Africans. All you need to do is send an email to get a special download code for the Sea Change website. Details here (facebook – may be slow to load thanks to a broken undersea cable).

This is a beautiful offer; you’ll be able to explore the kelp forests from the comfort of your couch, as long as this goes on.

For the kids

Audible is allowing free streaming of a large catalogue of kids’, teens’ and classic books read by awesome narrators: check out

Local illustrator Patrick Latimer has created Halfsies, a free print-it-yourself pdf of pictures for kids (or you) to complete, and then colour. Find it here.

Virus information

Much less wonderfully, we’re sure you already know about several of these, but here’s a list of reputable sources for coronavirus updates:

Finally, to all of you and your families, please do your utmost to stay well, stay at home, and see you on the other side. To the healthcare workers – we cannot thank you enough.


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Diving is addictive!

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