Baden Powell drive from the air

Newsletter: Distancing

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It is a tough situation we find ourselves in, and it has been hard to watch other countries go through a meltdown that I hope we can avoid here in South Africa.

Diving is safe providing you know who you are diving with, use all your own equipment and give your dive buddies a wide berth. In diver training this is not an option, and practicing social distancing on a dive boat is equally difficult.

Sadly in the interest of safety, for both you and I, we will take a break from diving for a short time. We will continue the newsletter weekly and return to training, diving and boat launches as soon as it is safe.

DAN Europe and DAN Southern Africa have issued statements about dive gear and dive travel – worth a read.

Baden Powell drive from the air
Baden Powell drive from the air

During these unusual times, remember that the outdoors, enjoyed at a safe distance from anyone you don’t share a home with, can provide both enjoyment and some mental health rejuvenation. Snorkeling in a tidal pool, or a walk on the beach, can help with that cabin fever. 


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Diving is addictive!

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