Kites at Koeberg Nature Reserve

Newsletter: Summer winds

Hi divers

Weekend dive plans

Saturday: Shore diving at Long Beach

Sunday: Boat dives from False Bay Yacht Club

Thank goodness the daytime temperatures are more in line with my comfort zone than they were a month ago. The warmth does come along with the south easter, though, and it has been very noticeable this week.

There is however a sign of respite this weekend and both Saturday and Sunday have small windows of windless weather early in the morning. The visibility may be another matter entirely but that will be best debated late afternoon tomorrow. I will most likely shore dive early on Saturday and launch the boat early on Sunday. Keen? Let me know.

Kites at Koeberg Nature Reserve
Kites at Koeberg Nature Reserve

Desalination talk

Here’s your final reminder that this coming Tuesday (5 December) at 7.00pm, Dr Ken Hutchings will give a talk on desalination and its possible effects on the marine environment. We could all benefit from some good information on the subject, with awareness of the South African context. The facebook event with more detail is here.


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