Filling station for boats on Sandhamn

Newsletter: Rinse and repeat

Hi divers

Weekend dive plans

Saturday & Sunday: Check conditions the day before, and make a call

Filling station for boats on Sandhamn
Filling station for boats on Sandhamn

As weekends go at this time of year, this one is a weirdo. There is meant to be a 6 metre swell tomorrow, so diving might not be good… But the predicted swell is very westerly so diving may be good. There might be little wind on Saturday with a lot of swell, and more wind on Sunday with less swell… Weather sites disagree violently.

The plan is to check conditions tomorrow afternoon and decide for Saturday, and rinse and repeat on Sunday. If you’re keen to dive, let me know and I’ll keep you posted!

Odds & ends

About this week’s photo: we continue with last week’s theme of marine filling stations. We saw this one on the island of Sandhamn in the Stockholm Archipelago.

On Wednesday 16 August (next week), a book about Nicole, the great white shark that was tagged off South Africa’s coast and swam all the way to Australia and back, will be launched at Kalk Bay Books. Sounds interesting. Event details here.


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