Before a Clan Stuart night dive

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Hi divers

Weekend dive plans

Sunday: late morning dives, location to be determined by the weather!

It is once again one of those weekends where diving will be best on Sunday. “But where?” is the million dollar question. Humping south easterly wind on Saturday may or may not mess up False Bay entirely, and may or may not be enough to clean the Atlantic. So it’s a Sunday diving day, and a late Saturday decision on where and what time… More vague than that I cannot be. If you’re up for this undetermined diving adventure, let me know and I’ll keep you posted about what’s happening where.

Diversnight 2016

Before a Clan Stuart night dive
Before a Clan Stuart night dive

Diversnight is happening on 5 November this year (thanks CvS for the reminder)! This Norwegian night diving initiative has origins that include cake, which is all you need to know. If that’s not enough for you, read more here and here. Participation is free of charge, the more the merrier. I’ll remind you closer to the time so that you can get your torch batteries charged.


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Diving is addictive!

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