John Dory at Long Beach in January 2010

Newsletter: Cocktail weather

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We are in a phase of semi-decent weekday diving and dodgy weekends again. We had fairly good False Bay diving during the week, but the weekend forecast is not ideal for much beyond storm chasing. Strong winds and some significant swell topped off with a dash of rain are hardly a cocktail for diving. Northerly wind is not that great for False Bay and neither is a 5 metre swell, so best you pursue some other form of activity this weekend.


One of the guys in the Underwater Cape Town facebook group reported a sighting of a john dory at A Frame this week. These fish are striking, solitary, and seldom seen. Bizarrely for such an exotic-looking fish, they are popularly served wrapped in newsprint with a side of chips. We were lucky to spot one at Long Beach a few years ago. (Go check out the video on Underwater Cape Town for a better idea of what they look like, and keep your eyes open next time you go diving!)

John Dory at Long Beach in January 2010
John Dory at Long Beach in January 2010

Talks talks talks

This Wednesday 17th is the nautical archaeology talk I mentioned in last week’s newsletter. There’s a talk on 23 August about the health of our fish stocks by scientists Colin Atwood and Jock Currie at Bellville Underwater Club – info on facebook. If you have a UCT staff or student card, you can listen to conservation photographer Thomas Peschak speaking on 21 September – info on facebook, too.


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