Burrowing anemone on a night dive at Long Beach

Newsletter: Where have all the weekends gone?

Hi divers

Weekend dive plans

Saturday: Night dive at Long Beach, 7.15 pm

Sunday: Boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty at 8.30 am to SAS Pietermaritzburg / 11.00 to Maidstone Rock

Weekend diving has become a scarce commodity of late and the best diving days have fallen in the week. This weekend looks a lot better than last weekend: there is very little swell and no howling winds to deal with. False Bay needs some westerly wind to clean it up, so I am going to choose Sunday as the better option for this weekend’s diving. It’s windier than Saturday but less likely to rain, plus False Bay will have had a bit more time to improve. The Atlantic was crystal clear yesterday but I have my doubts it is going to stay that way for the weekend with the hot day we have just had.


We are night diving on Saturday evening as part of the international Diversnight event, and will meet at Long Beach at around 7.15 pm. The idea is to be in the water at 15 minutes past 8.00 pm (2015). Text me if you are joining, make sure you bring your permit to dive in an MPA, and if you need to rent kit or a cylinder, I need to know by tomorrow (Friday) evening please.

Burrowing anemone on a night dive at Long Beach
Burrowing anemone on a night dive at Long Beach


Be sure your permit to dive in an MPA is up to date. It’s particularly important that you bring it on Saturday evening if you plan to dive, so don’t wait until lunchtime on Saturday to look for it!

Bits & bobs

Diarise the Shark Spotters fundraiser on Sunday 22 November – should be fun.

Clare wrote a small travel guide with information on the visible shipwrecks around Cape Town. Check it out here.


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Diving is addictive!

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