Whittle Rock on Saturday

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Hi divers

Weekend dive plans

Sunday: Launching at 9.30 am for Atlantis and 12.00 pm for the SAS Pietermaritzburg from  Simon’s Town jetty

The last two weeks have been really good for diving in False Bay and we have had the best conditions all year so far. Summer winds have gone, the winter has yet to bite and the visibility has been exceptional. Last weekend we had a fantastic dive in 15 metre visibility on the SAS Pietermaritzburg, and then a trip out to Whittle Rock, where the divers encountered cowsharks and gully sharks. This is perhaps where some of them have been hiding since Easter!

Conditions seem set to stay this way for at least the next week and the day time temperatures are set to stay above 17-18 degrees.  There is some swell about but it is nowhere near the levels that get surfers hot under the collar and makes dive boat skippers sweat.

The weekend is looking pretty good and we plan to launch on Sunday. Due to the sun being a little slow at getting out of bed these days, we will do our first launch a little later in the morning for the next few months.

We will dive Atlantis and the SAS Pietermaritzburg on Sunday. Text or email me if you want to be on board.

Whittle Rock on Saturday
Whittle Rock on Saturday

Mozambique trip

We are putting the final touches to this trip, and we might be able to make a plan if you feel up for the hardship of diving in  warmer water and sunning yourself on the beach every afternoon! Drop me an email if you want information.

Permits blah blah!

There have been several permit check of late so if you do not have a permit to dive in an MPA go and get one at the post office. We do have temporary permits on the boat if you do not have one but they cost R45 and are only valid for 30 days…


Tony Lindeque
076 817 1099

Diving is addictive!

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