Some of the Sea-Change images

The Sea-Change exhibition in Sea Point

A view of the Sea-Change exhibition from  a distance
A view of the Sea-Change exhibition from a distance

We’ve been slow to draw your attention to this (unless you follow us on instagram), but there’s a wonderful photographic exhibition at Sea Point that you should check out, rather than a ridiculous giant pair of sunglassses. The Sea-Change exhibition is the brainchild of a multi-disciplinary team of artists, scientists and multi media experts, with the aim of telling the story of humanity’s earliest days and our ancient relationship with the sea.

The Sea-Change project
The Sea-Change project

The exhibition can be found along the promenade near the ox wagon park, opposite the SABC building in Sea Point. It’s coming down soon, so make haste!

There’s more information on the Sea-Change website, and a lot of gorgeous photos.

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