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Hi divers

Weekend dives

Saturday: Launches from Simon’s Town jetty, subject to confirmation on Friday evening

Sunday: Launches from Simon’s Town jetty at lunchtime or Hout Bay in the morning, subject to confirmation on Saturday evening

Alex, Esther, Tony, Christo, John and Alex ready for some white stick diving
Alex, Esther, Tony, Christo, John and Alex ready for some white stick diving

The ocean continues to behave in an odd manner and conditions are wildly different from one day to the next. Last weekened we launched expecting improved conditions, but ended up searching fruitlessly for clean water and then diving Spaniard Rock in less than optimal visibility.

Weather forecasts for the weekend don’t look spectacular. Saturday has some swell, both have days a fair amount of wind and there is a marathon on Sunday that will rule out False Bay unless it’s an early afternoon trip. I have a long list of veiled threats from regular divers on our boat about “sorting out some good diving” so out of fear I am going to plan launching on Saturday in Simon’s Town and Hout Bay (or False Bay again) on Sunday. This will be subject to a final call the evening before.

Hout Bay today
Hout Bay today

Mozambique trip

We will be travelling to Ponta do Ouro from 29 June until 4 July, with five days of diving. This is during the school holidays. We will fly to Durban early on the morning of the 29th, and travel together to the border, to start diving the next day. All the diving is done off a boat and you need to be a confident boat diver with a valid passport (which you need to bring with you) to join in! Non divers are also welcome – the beach at Ponta is beautiful, and there are one or two other activities that you can take part in if sunbathing in paradise isn’t your thing. Clare is busy finalising details, but if you drop me a mail expressing interest I will put you on the list so she can send you details of costs and how to make your booking. For an idea of what the diving was like on previous trips, check out Clare’s favourite dive sites there: Texas and Doodles.


The next DAN day is at False Bay Underwater Club on Saturday 28 February, from 2-5pm. This afternoon timeslot means that you can dive in the morning and still attend! There is some more information here. These events are always extremely informative and highly recommended.


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Diving is addictive!

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