South China Morning Post whaling infographic

Article (infographic): South China Morning Post on whaling

One of the data visualisation sites I follow alerted me to this infographic about Japanese Antarctic whaling, published in response to the International Court of Justice’s April 2014 ruling that Japanese whaling in the Antarctic is illegal. This is the whaling activity that is portrayed in the Whale Wars series.

It’s beautifully done and includes a huge amount of information. Surprisingly, it’s from the South China Morning Post, a newspaper I (perhaps not surprisingly) don’t read at all. Maybe Tamsyn is reading it while she’s in China!

South China Morning Post whaling infographic
South China Morning Post whaling infographic

View the full infographic here (can take a long while to load so be patient).

If you want an antidote to thoughts of whaling and cruelty, check out Beautiful Whale.

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