Santa diving the Aster

Christmas gift guide 2014

It’s almost that time of year again. Are you ready to see Santa underwater? I didn’t think so.

Santa diving the Aster
Santa diving the Aster


Consider a Discover Scuba Diving experience for non-divers, and for qualified divers a Refresher, a Specialty course, or a voucher for some boat dives. A False Bay or Atlantic Seaboard photo cruise is fun for the whole family.

Email Tony for prices and more information.

Something to read

Everything you need to know about finding a book related to the ocean can be discovered in our list of most recommended books, and our guide to finding the book you need (on this blog, at least!).

Something to watch

A DVD – either a movie, a series box set, or a documentary – is not a bad gift idea!

Dive gear

Smaller items of gear such as cutting tools, masks, clips and other accessories won’t break the bank. Contact Tony for some ideas and suggestions as to what to get and where to find it.

Keeping it local

Support some local entrepreneurs!

  • Rochelle at Oceanscape sells gorgeous ocean-themed clothing at her online shop.
  • Kerri now stocks a range of ocean-themed jewellery at various markets. Check out Accessories for Aquaholics.

Thinking outside the box

What about a day trip to Cape Point, a donation to a worthy cause on behalf of your loved one (the NSRI is always first on our list), an underwater photo shoot, or (if you take photographs or can find a photographer whose work you like and isn’t too expensive) a framed or mounted picture of some of our local marine life?

You can also refer to Christmas gift guides from previous years (2011, 2012 and 2013) for more ideas. Be safe this festive season!

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