Tony taking a measurement

Wind speed on the go

Tony taking a measurement
Tony taking a measurement

We have had a couple of spectacularly windy weekends in a row, and have had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the weather. We have a weather station at home, and for mobile use we have a WeatherFlow Wind Meter. These are widely used by para-gliders, sailors, windsurfers, kite surfers, and others who need to know what the wind is doing at a particular location. This miniature anemometer plugs into the headphone jack on iPhone and Android devices, and takes wind readings via an app.

The app allows you to save readings, which makes them available on the internet. If you see a facebook post with a wind reading, it’s from our Wind Meter, and Tony is probably on the boat. If the wind is very strong, he’s more likely on land! An example of a recent reading (taken when I snapped the above photo of Tony) can be viewed here.

We find this very useful to correlate wind speed and direction to sea conditions. A southerly wind, for example, is particularly uncomfortable for diving in False Bay. Using his mini anemometer, Tony has been able to establish at approximately what wind speed it becomes too unbearable! One of the effects that global warming is going to have on our local weather in Cape Town is increased windiness, so I think we’ll have plenty of opportunity to play with the Wind Meter and go FULL WEATHER NERD. Watch out…

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