Tony flying the drone

Flying the drone at Glencairn

The Else river at Glencairn
The Else river at Glencairn

We took the drone down to Glencairn Beach one evening so that I could stroll and enjoy the sunset, and Tony could fly a bit. The SA Agulhas (now a SAMSA training vessel) was in False Bay, seen near Roman Rock lighthouse. Tony hoped absently that it had run aground, thus supplying us with a new wreck to dive.

Roman Rock & SA Agulhas in the distance
Roman Rock & SA Agulhas in the distance

There had been a bit of winter rain, so the Else River was in full flood. The waves on the beach were small and quiet. The sand seemed impossibly smooth and glossy. The colours of the sea and sky melted into one another near the horizon. It was one of those evenings that calms you down, regardless of how the day has been.

Here’s a little bit of Tony’s video from the evening:


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