Drone in front of Simon's Town

Flying the drone at Mackerel Bay

Mackerel Bay flying
Mackerel Bay flying

Tony has been deriving much enjoyment from his little flying machine, and on windless days (to avoid this situation) we’ve been looking for spacious areas without too much human traffic so that he can experiment. In late June we spent a wonderful hour or two on the beach at Mackerel Bay, the barely noticeable indentation in the coast between Glencairn and Simon’s Town. It is off this beach that the Clan Stuart wreck lies.

While he flew the drone out short distances over the glassy sea and towards the railway line, I took some photographs. The clouds turned an ordinary scene into something miraculous. Here’s a short video of Tony and the drone, just after take off.


Here’s a little bit of what the drone saw:


I never would have guessed that this would turn out to be such fun!

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