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I really don’t know how to talk about this movie. It was the worst, most obviously low budget, poorly plotted, poorly acted, blatantly illogical, over the top piece of cinematic fluff I’ve ever encountered. I insist, however, that you watch it. It is absolutely fabulous in its badness. Broadcast during Shark Week 2013, this made for television horror (slash action slash romance?) film is unashamed in its cheesiness. You will enjoy guessing which characters are soon fated to die in a hail of sharks (they are usually multi-racial, or their names are not given – we don’t break any stereotypes here).

Apart from the delight I experienced at seeing one of the original Beverly Hills 90210 characters slaying airborne sharks with a chainsaw, which I don’t expect will be shared except by women who were at high school during a very specific few years in the early 1990s, there is much to love about this film. The computer animations of sharks and tornadoes are so bad they could have been done by a fifteen year old – or perhaps worse than that – and the continuity errors are frequent and obvious. The weather changes from bright sun to torrential rain within the course of a single conversation. At times the hero shouts about escaping the storm, but the sun is shining and the storm appears to have ended. The sea vaccillates between storm surge, nice surfing waves, and flat calm depending on whether there’s a human in the frame or not and how close the camera angle is.

I found the ending delightfully ambiguous. (Did the hero’s son fall for the cute barmaid, or are they just friends? Why am I so confused?) I must say I started to think that it was getting a bit unrealistic when Ian Ziering’s character sawed his way out of a shark’s belly using a chainsaw – wouldn’t the saw have stopped working in such a damp environment? That little quibble aside, I thought this was a great effort by all concerned.

There’s a sequel, too (and they’re using it to raise money for shark research via crowdfunding).

You can get the dvd here or here.

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