Rainbow over the deep south

Newsletter: Over the rainbow

Hi divers

Weekend diving

Sunday: Boat dives to Maidstone Rock at 9.30 and Spaniard Rock at 12.00

Conditions report

False Bay has really delivered over the last few weeks. I have been fortunate to launch on 4 days this week and we have been rewarded with 15-16 degree water and really good visibility. The temperature dropped a degree today but we still had great viz, not much wind and very little swell.

Last Sunday morning we took an extremely wet (not in the forecast!) trip out to Seal Island, where we saw a couple of white shark breaches and a beautiful rainbow. On the way there and back we did feel like we were part of the Deadliest Catch reality show, though!  Andre took this picture on the boat.

Boating in rain gear
Boating in rain gear

Dive planning

These conditions look set to hold for the weekend. There is no doubt that both days will be great but I am going to pick Sunday and launch 9.30 from the jetty in Simon’s Town and we will go to Maidstone Rock for the first dive and Spaniard Rock at 12.00. Text me to book.

Rainbow over the deep south
Rainbow over the deep south


DAN is holding another day of talks focused on diver health and safety on Saturday 2 August, at Unique Hydra (the same venue as last time). You can see more information about the event and the program here. These events are highly recommended and I encourage you to attend.


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Diving is addictive!

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