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Article: Popular Science on discovering the secret lives of sharks

Here’s another article claiming to have the key to revealing the secret lives of sharks (yesterday’s was from Wired.com)….

Shark scientist Dr Neil Hammerschlag (if the name sounds like one I’ve mentioned recently, he was interviewed for Demon Fish and is an extremely well respected shark scientist) and engineer Marco Flagg have designed and prototyped a solar powered satellite tag that can carry a variety of sensors and last for years (possibly even decades). There’s a diagram and illustration of the HammerTag in here.

The article describes a tagging expedition with Dr Hammerschlag in the Bahamas, and provides a good description of how responsible scientists deal with sharks that they plan to study. You can check out some of the tracks of their tagged sharks here. They work with hammerheads, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and other species.

This is probably as good a place as any to include this excellent soundbite from David Shiffman of Southern Fried Science. Follow him on twitter here.

@WhySharksMatter on twitter
@WhySharksMatter on twitter

Read the full article here.

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