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Video (TED): Paul Snelgrove on the Census of Marine Life

The Census of Marine Life was a ten year global scientifc collaboration intending to find out what has lived, does live, and will live in our oceans. The results of the census were released in 2010, and I have come across two books – Discoveries of the Census of Marine Life and World Ocean Census – documenting some of the discoveries of the census. The Tagging of Pacific Predators (ToPP) program was one part of the census activities. Here, Paul Snelgrove, who was in charge of the team that assembled the findings of the census, shows images of some of the remarkable creatures that were discovered living in the ocean during the course of the census.

[ted id=1372]

On a small scale, the SeaKeys project is a similar initiative confined to South African waters, with a citizen science flavour. If you haven’t already, read about it and get involved!

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