Rounding the stern of the Giannis D

Video footage of the Giannis D (Sha’ab Abu Nuhas, Red Sea)

Our dive on the Giannis D at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas was one of the highlights of our Red Sea liveaboard trip last October. It’s a spectacular wreck, and much of its charm lies in the strange angles that its bow and stern lie at. I also particularly liked the Number 2 hold, which is open and shown in the video below:


The stern superstructure of the wreck is at its shallowest point, and the area is filled with sunlight. It’s lying at  a crazy angle that makes you want to crane your neck while swimming around it.


While swimming around the stern we encountered a large number of other divers – there were at least sixty to seventy divers on the wreck when we dived her, which was also disorienting because of the large quantity of bubbles rising from underneath. On surfacing, there was a string of Zodiacs tied to the superstructure, waiting to ferry their divers back to their liveaboards.


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