Video footage of Bluff Point (Big Gubal Island, Red Sea)

So apparently I took a lot of videos on our Bluff Point dive on our Red Sea trip. It was an exhilarating drift dive along the outside of the lagoon wall, and as we came around the corner under the lighthouse we were flung out over water hundreds of metres deep. Let’s start with my favourite video, about which I am expecting a call from National Geographic any day now. Here’s a moray eel swimming down the outer lagoon wall in the sunlight, finding a hole in the coral, and going inside.


Here are my fellow divers: Tony, Christo, Kate and Veronica.


This shows you how fast the current was moving. I didn’t fin at all while taking this video (or, indeed, for much of the dive).


Here is some of the coral that we saw. It’s very dense and colourful here.


Finally, here’s a little panorama taken while we were still against the outer lagoon wall.


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