Winch on board the Thistlegorm

Video footage of SS Thistlegorm (Red Sea)

SS Thistlegorm is a British World War II wreck lying near Ras Mohammed. We did two successive dives on her in rather currenty conditions. On the first dive, when the current was mild, the visibility was of the order of 40 metres (we could judge this based on the length of the wreck, and how much we could see when we were in the middle). By the second dive, when the current had picked up a lot, visibility was down (!) to 25 metres. Nothing to complain about for divers from Cape Town!

I particularly liked the bow of the wreck. This turned out to be quite lucky because it was hard to leave the bow owing to the current on our second dive. So I hung around and met crocodilefish, scorpionfish, glassfish, stripy fish that look like zebras, and a whole lot of other life. This is what the bow, with its huge winches, looks like:


We arrived on the wreck via a line tied from our liveaboard to a winch on the bow of theĀ Thistlegorm. Both times we dived her the current was strong, so we hung on tight to the line all the way to the wreck. Here are some divers from another liveaboard arriving on the bow, where we were trying not to get blown away by the current.



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