Special moment between Kate and Christo

A Festivus miracle: Red Sea shenanigans!

Here are two special Festivus miracles (forgive the poetic licence) for you: videos I took while diving in the Red Sea in October. Don’t know what Festivus is? Educate yourself!

Special moment between Kate and Christo
Special moment between Kate and Christo

Airing of Grievances

Kate airs her grievances at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.


Feats of Strength

Ok not really. It’s just Kate sneaking up on Christo, who was oblivious to the world around him, intently stalking what he thought was some kind of grouper (which turned out to be some broken plumbing or coral debris, I forget). This clip is only six seconds long, so you’ll have to watch it more than once to fully appreciate its beauty.


I should point out that Tony denies all responsibility for teaching Kate the sort of antisocial behaviour you see here. Despite what this picture would suggest.

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