Boating beneath the Twelve Apostles

Newsletter: Distant dusky dolphins

Hi divers

Weekend plans

We will launch on Saturday and Sunday, with Monday being an option if it’s not too windy and if we’re not all dived out.

Boating beneath the Twelve Apostles
Boating beneath the Twelve Apostles

Last week’s diving

We launched from OPBC last weekend and took the boat to Justin’s Caves. There is also a small seal colony there that begs to be dived. I know Justin’s can be dived as a shore dive but I am not a fan of big climbs and long swims, and the boat ride there is very beautiful! We had patches of really clean water with a very green surface layer. We enjoyed watching a small, lazy pod of dusky dolphins on the surface, and before the dive we saw a sunfish leap right out of the water, and then disappear into the depths next to our boat. Thanks to Gary Carstens for this week’s newsletter photos!

Distant dusky dolphin
Distant dusky dolphin

The south easter has blown a lot this week but has suddenly dropped off and once False Bay calms down the diving will be good. The bay does not have that terrible green colour it can sometimes have with a south easter. The Atlantic needs more wind for longer to clean it, so I reckon False Bay will be better for the weekend.

Text message list

In addition to the newsletter I have an sms list that I use to notify divers of planned dives. If you’d like to receive text messages as well when we plan to go out, please email or text me your number (if you text me, send your name too so I know who you are). There are contact details at the bottom of this newsletter, otherwise hit reply.


For those interested, on Sunday there will be a procession of boats attempting to encircle Robben Island in memory of Nelson Mandela. This starts at 12pm from OPBC.

Rocksucker at Justin's Caves
Rocksucker at Justin’s Caves


During the months of December and January we will run a Drift Diver specialty course. This is a lot of fun as you can often end up drifting over things on the ocean floor that you had no idea were down there. If you’d like to extend your training with this or one of the other Specialty courses I can teach (there’s a list here), give me a shout.


Tony Lindeque
076 817 1099

Diving is addictive!

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