Liveaboards at the Thistlegorm

Liveaboard diving: Coming up

Some of our ascents on our Red Sea trip in October were (by my standards) adventurous. When we arrived at the El Miniya, a wreck just off the coast opposite the large Hurghada Marina mosque, another liveaboard was already attached directly to a line on the wreck. M/Y blue Melody tied up to this boat, and we were ferried on Zodiacs to the dive site – from the back of our boat to the front of the other liveaboard. During our dive, the first liveaboard got ready to leave as all their divers were out of the water.

As they left, our liveaboard moved forward to take over the line fastened to the wreck, and the crew attached that line to the bow of our liveaboard. At the time, about fifteen divers were hanging on the line, doing their ascent and safety stops. The line was pulled through the water at quite a clip, and we all hung on like a bunch of hyperventilating grapes. It looked like this:


Once we were at the surface, we had to use a tag line from the permanent buoy on the El Miniya with the other end attached to the back of our boat. Using this line, we pulled ourselves from the bow of our boat to its stern, where we climbed out of the water. Phew!


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