Surfers looking like ants on the face of Dungeons

Big wave surfing at Dungeons

Surfers looking like ants on the face of Dungeons
Surfers looking like ants on the face of Dungeons

Big wave surfing is hugely popular worldwide and Cape Town has its own special place in the record books for awesome waves. Dungeons and Sunset Reef off Kommetjie, two local sites, will deliver the goods when the conditions are right. A massive, long period swell, the right amount of wind and favourable tides at either of these locations will deliver exhilarating surfing for a few really hardcore local and international surfers.

A recent trip out to the break at Dungeons off Hout Bay with a few photographers on board (and more than a few surfers on the way back) delivered some of the most exciting big wave surfing I have seen in a while. The thunderous roar of the waves and the speed at which the surfers fly down the face will deliver more than one “awesome” comment  a minute, and “ooh that is gonna hurt!” when someone falls is almost as frequently voiced.

If you have not been out at least once to watch this spectacle you must make the time do it. There is very little time to relax as a boat skipper whilst those huge rollers roll towards you. The ocean has power beyond your imagination and you can see just how easily a board can get snapped in half.

The guys that go there often to surf take a jet ski out towing a sled with spare boards, anchor the skis, and surf for hours in the cold Atlantic water. When evening starts to fall they mount the skis and head for home.

If you’re interested in a trip out to Dungeons for photography, or just to watch, it’s best to like our facebook page, or contact me to let me know you’re keen to get on the boat next time we go out. That’s where I’ll advertise future expeditions when the conditions are right.

I’ll share some more photos from an afternoon out at Dungeons tomorrow…

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