10 day forecast

xkcd: 10 day forecast

10 day forecast
10 day forecast

An obsession with the weather – chiefly wind and speed and direction – pervades much of our time at home, as Tony plans dives and attempts to give the best possible experience to his customers within the time parameters they set for him. The different weather sites (yr.no, magicseaweed.com, WindGuru, WindFinder, Wavescape) seem to have periods of excellent accuracy, or different strong points. For example, yr.no is very good at predicting what time rain will arrive.

The long term forecast is something I check when we have something planned – like whale watching or cage diving – that requires decent conditions for it to go ahead. Unfortunately long term weather forecasts are usually highly unreliable. But it does give you something to look at while you count sleeps…

xkcd recently had something about a ten day forecast. The cartoon is here, or click on the image above.

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