Tony in the green at the safety stop

Low visibility diving

This is what low visibility diving looks like. I estimate the viz on this particular day, diving the wreck of SS Maori in Maori Bay, to be a solid two metres. The video shows Tony adjusting Lisa’s BCD while Dominique looks on (at right, in the yellow and black wetsuit). There’s nothing wrong with my camera; the viz was really this bad.

This was a day after two days of strong south easterly wind and declining water temperatures in the Atlantic, which generally indicates good visibility as the west coast upwelling process works its magic. Unfortunately this time those factors did not lead to the expected result!

Here’s six seconds worth of Tony backward rolling off the boat. I was not more than four metres away but he’s barely visible as he hits the water. Compare it to this footage of a backward roll at Shark Alley last July.

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