Tre Kronor leaving Helsingborg, Sweden

Friday photo: Tall ship in Sweden

When we travelled to Denmark in July 2011, we stayed in Helsingør, a small town about 45 kilometres north of Copenhagen. It is the closest town to Sweden, and the Swedish town of Helsingborg lies just a short ferry ride across the Øresund.

It was summer, and the sun stayed up until 2200 or later, so one evening we popped across to Sweden for dinner and a stroll around Helsingborg. On our way into the ferry port at Helsingborg we were able to see a tall ship, the Tre Kronor, leaving.

Tre Kronor leaving Helsingborg, Sweden
Tre Kronor leaving Helsingborg, Sweden

The ship had its sails furled, so we couldn’t see how impressive she looks in full sail. The official website for the Tre Kronor is here, and some more photos of the ship here. We had a lovely evening, thank you for asking.

On our way back into the harbour at Helsingør, we saw this swan.

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