Sunset on the Knysna lagoon

Newsletter: Cry of the fish eagle

Hi divers

We are back from a few days of houseboating on the Knysna lagoon. At high tide the water was clean and 17 -18 degrees. The lagoon is a vibrant and healthy ecosystem and the bird life is amazing. During the early evenings we sat on anchor with a torch and a bucket and caught a multitude of small creatures for a look see and a photo and then returned them to the flowing water. The birdlife highlight of the trip was a pair of resident fish eagles.

Fish eagle pair on the Knysna lagoon
Fish eagle pair on the Knysna lagoon

Dive reports from last weekend were sketchy at best with rumours of 15 metre visibility yet very very little comment on the usual media sites. I have therefore no idea on what the diving was like. I believe yesterday was somewhat better on the far reefs but shore entries apparently had 3 metre viz.

Sunset on the Knysna lagoon
Sunset on the Knysna lagoon

The wind today has been in the right direction to clean the bay but along with the wind and rain is a 6 metre swell. There is some south easterly wind but the temperature in the Atlantic today was 16 degrees, False Bay is 12 degrees, so I doubt it is going to get much better for the weekend. The swell is mostly gone on Sunday but its unlikely (my opinion only) that False Bay will be good after the swell.

Egyptian geese in formation
Egyptian geese in formation

So my plan is to spend Saturday training in the pool and Sunday, well let’s see what things look like late Saturday. (The swell may not peak at 6 metres and may end sooner than forecast.)


Don’t forget about our Durban dive trip from 17-21 June, and our Red Sea trip in October. If you’d like more details on either of these, give me a shout.


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