My new Batman hoodie

Newsletter: Look out for Batman

Hi divers

March weather has not been too kind and we have had very few days of good conditions. Two long weekends of no diving and we once again head into a weekend that does not look promising. Last weekend a pod of false killer whales beached on Noordhoek Beach and again on the Simon’s Town side of the peninsula. More on that here.

Long Beach on Monday
Long Beach on Monday

We dived Shark Alley today and had around 3 metre visibility. On the trip there and back I stopped and looked at a few sites and found only dark green and brown water. There is not too much wind around to clean that up. Plus the Navy festival that happens every year around now brings traffic in and out of Simon’s Town to a grinding halt. Parking, even at Long Beach, becomes very scarce. Hout Bay and Table Bay have a similar dark tinge to the water and in fact the water temperature tonight off Kommetijie at the CSIR buoy is just under 15 degrees, the same as False Bay. Warm Atlantic most often means dirty water.

It unfortunately means a dry weekend unless you try Indigo  Scuba in Gordon’s Bay or the Two Oceans Aquarium.

My new Batman hoodie
My new Batman hoodie

Veronica, Kate‘s mum, arrived a few days ago from the UK and brought me the most amazing piece of dive gear ever. I know you will all want to try it out but the answer will be no so don’t ask!!!!


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