Divers on the boat at Duiker Island

Newsletter: Global warming

Hi divers

The bay never ceases to amaze me: the water is clean and blue after days of southeaster – strange. The Atlantic is also blue and clean and today we dived the Maori and Duiker Island, with warm, sunny weather and flat, blue seas.

Divers on the boat at Duiker Island
Divers on the boat at Duiker Island

This was the only diving for well over a week. Last weekend I saw nothing more than the walls of the pool and this weekend looks no different. It was hard to imagine it was not a summers day today, never mind, tomorrow’s weather will fix that. It seems winter is holding on tight and despite over a week of strong southeasters the temperatures are again going to stay well below 20 this weekend. Add some rain, add a fair amount of wind and top it off with a 5 metre swell. What does this mean? It means we all stay home and contribute to global warming instead of diving!

Crystal clear water in the Atlantic this morning
Crystal clear water in the Atlantic this morning

Christo is keen to dive at the Two Oceans Aquarium sometime when the weather forbids diving in the sea – if you’d like to join us (it’s pricey but a wonderful unique experience) please let me know and I’ll contact you when we plan to visit. More information on the dives here. You’ll need an Advanced qualification to dive in the kelp exhibit.


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Diving is addictive!

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  1. Awesome, love how clean the water looks. Need to get myself to CT and do some dives, please save these conditions for me 🙂

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