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Different detergent

Having recently moved from a shoebox-sized duplex in the southern suburbs to what feels like a sprawling Downton Abbey-sized manor house in the south Peninsula, my interest in domestic cleaning products has increased (of necessity). There usually isn’t much to love, admire or inspire when it comes to detergents and tile cleaner, but a company in the United States called method is planning to do something quite special in this department.

Come November (quite soon), method will release a liquid dish and hand soap in a plastic bottle textured like a sea urchin shell. The bottle is special because 10% of the plastic it’s made from was collected from the beaches of Hawaii in a coastal cleanup, and the other 90% is recycled from other sources. The plastic is undyed.

This is very nice, and an excellent marketing manoeuvre by method – capitalising on the rising popularity of “green” products – but hopefully in amongst the marketing hype consumers will be able to pick out the important idea that our choices now matter very much to the future of the planet.

There’s a short article about the bottle here, and a picture. The headline is misleading – the “ocean garbage patch” is comprised of miniscule particles of plastic widely dispersed over a huge area. There is no way (currently) of retrieving that plastic and putting it to use. The plastic these bottles will be made from was collected on the beach.

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  1. I’m loving this week’s articles, the orca- faeces smelling dog, the urchin shaped and textured bottles… your posts are more entertaining than ever. Not to mention help to keep me on top of all this exciting news- most of which I’d never hear about otherwise. Thanks guys!

    1. I am glad you’re enjoying them! Haven’t had time for weighty stuff lately but found lots of nice bits and pieces each morning when I read the entire internet!

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