Descending on the SAS Pietermaritzburg (taken in early August)

Newsletter: Waning winter

Hi divers

As the cold slowly lets go of us the water temperature starts to move up a degree or two and soon we will all be comfortable in the water again. Today the temperature was 15 degrees so it’s heading in the right direction. There has been a fair amount of north west wind on and off and the visibility is not too shabby, 8-10 metres, and this should hold for the weekend.

There are a host of sites to dive in the bay before the southeaster arrives and sends us to the Atlantic I want to get in on some of them. Both days this weekend seem good from a weather point of view with Sunday being less windy than Saturday but both days will have a north westerly wind which flattens and cleans the bay.

Descending on the SAS Pietermaritzburg (taken in early August)
Descending on the SAS Pietermaritzburg (taken in early August)

Weekend plans

The plan for the weekend is to do two dives on Saturday and the same again on Sunday. On Saturday I want to visit Sherwood Forest (18-30 metres) and then go to Ark Rock (8-14 metres).

Sunday I want to do Batsata Maze and then go down to the cave off Cape Point and explore around the walls on the outside. There is also a new pinnacle near Boat Rock that looks very interesting on the sonar.

I have not decided whether we launch from Miller’s Point or the Yacht Club as yet but will send a text to those diving with details the evening before. Miller’s Point has been quite hectic of late plus they have decided to change the fee for using the site.

The dive “season” as it is so commonly referred to is about to start and as the days become longer, warmer and more beach friendly so too do many divers haul out their gear and get diving. If your gear has been laid up for months in a dusty garage, remember to get it serviced before you drop into the ocean.

Next weekend we will get going with Open Water student dives and Refreshers so we will most likely shore dive on one if not both days.


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