Dolphins in the brown waters of False Bay

Oh, just a couple of dolphins


We saw this giant pod of dolphins from Miller’s Point as we were preparing to launch the boat, churning up the water in the distance. By the time we surfaced from our dive, they were passing by us in pursuit of a school of fish (I surmise). There were some fat brown seals trying to keep up behind them, too. We drove along next to the pod for a while, and a whole lot of the dolphins came and surfed in our bow wave and rolled over next to the boat. We could hear the loud sounds they made as they came up to breathe next to us. Bernita and I were beside ourselves. We were hoping to see an orca or two, but no such luck.

False Bay is teeming with life – every day out on the water is a surprise. This sighting made up for the somewhat rough and windy surface conditions and milky visibility! It’s very unusual to see dolphins while you’re actually underwater on a dive, but I’m looking forward to that day. It’ll come.

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