Fiery nudibranchs mating

Newsletter: Wild and windy

Hi divers

The pictures in this week’s newsletter were taken by Georgina Jones (author of A Field Guide to the Marine Animals of the Cape Peninsula – if you dive locally you should own it), who dived with us on Wednesday. We took the boat out to Roman Rock and Photographer’s Reef, and had decent (about 8 metre) visibility. At Photographer’s Reef the visibility was actually top to bottom, but a large swell was rolling in which led me to cancel the afternoon’s snorkel with seals at Partridge Point.

Fiery nudibranchs mating
Fiery nudibranchs mating

Last weekend was very much the way this Saturday looks to be: atrocious weather leading to equally bad sea conditions. I am as sorry as you are! We will not be launching on Saturday but I will be launching on Sunday as it is forecast to be almost windless. We will need to go to the sites a bit further south and offshore or to Hout Bay if we are to have reasonable visibility, as the southeaster is going to blow very strongly for the next two days. If you’re interested in a Sunday launch, conditions permitting (as usual), send me an email or text me. We will make a final call on Saturday evening.


Coursewise, this is a good time of year to do some theory-rich material like the Nitrox Specialty, or your EFR course in preparation for Rescue Diver. Working up a sweat giving CPR to a plastic dummy will also help to stave off the cold. If you are keen to further your training or to discuss options, you are most welcome to get in touch.


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