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Dive sites (Southern Mozambique): Kev’s Ledge

Tony filming some yellow banded snapper
Tony filming some yellow banded snapper

Kev’s Ledge was one of the deeper sites we visited. It’s so named because the reef drops off about six metres to the sand, making for an enjoyable wall dive. This dive went really quickly, and there was much to see. Kev’s Ledge lies between Anchor and Wayne’s World, and should there be a strong current, a dive on Kev’s could turn into a drift dive over to one of these other two reefs.

On the reef next to the wall our Divemaster showed us this male ribbon eel (the females are yellow, juveniles are black). He tried so hard to look intimidating, and succeeded instead in looking adorable. We also saw a crocodile fish (which also goes by the euphonious name of “longhead flathead”). I must admit to requiring this fish to be pointed out to me several times, as it was so well camouflaged.

Ribbon eel trying to look scary
Ribbon eel trying to look scary

Towards the end of the dive we came upon an area of magnificent overhangs and coral structures. One of these was Rianna’s Arch (skipper Wayne tried to scare us with ghost stories about the lady Rianna for whom the arch was named). I didn’t get any decent photos of the arch (too much water – or diver – movement), but the topography is incredible. We dropped into a deep bowl-shaped cave where a turtle was feeding peacefully on the sea floor, watched her for a while, and then began to decrease our depth because we were running out of time.

Dive date: 9 May 2012

Air temperature: 24 degrees

Water temperature: 25 degrees

Maximum depth: 24.6 metres

Visibility: 10 metres

Dive duration: 50 minutes

Descending onto Kev's ledge
Descending onto Kev's ledge

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