Feeding ray at Long Beach

Sea life: Hungry giant short tailed sting ray


Some days at Long Beach you can’t swim ten metres without coming across one of these enormous rays, resting placidly on the sand. I’ve previously posted photos and video of them here and here. This one is snuffling in the sand, looking for shellfish for lunch. A spectacular sight! (Until the visibility declines to approximately zero owing to the clouds of sand being stirred up, that is…)

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4 thoughts on “Sea life: Hungry giant short tailed sting ray”

  1. i will never forget that 31 of december it was so exiting for me to see that wonderful fish thanks for this video , hope the best for you and tony see you soon for a next dive experience mike from france

    1. Hi Micka! It was such a special day for us too! I am so glad that you were able to see the rays with us that day. I hope you are well and keep diving.

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