Potato bass at Doodles

Newsletter: The vibrant bay

Hi divers

The pictures today are all from our Mozambique trip, as Clare hasn’t taken any new photos since we got back. I hope it’s not too much hardship to look at turtles and potato bass!

Potato bass at Doodles
Potato bass at Doodles

False Bay has been alive this week with thousands of dolphins, orcas and sea birds. A record tuna weighing 107 kilograms was also caught in a fishing competition just off Cape Point. Sadly it wasn’t released, but it just goes to show how little we know of what is out there. I spent Monday in the bay on the boat and went from Cape Point to Muizenberg marking and finding waypoints – and there is just so much life in the ocean.

Loggerhead turtle at Drop Zone in southern Mozambique
Loggerhead turtle at Drop Zone in southern Mozambique

The weather has yet to settle into real winter diving mode and we have still not seen any 10 metre plus visibility diving as yet but I do think it’s close. We had 5 metres today and 15 degrees despite my expectations after the wind yesterday. Tomorrow blows a little harder in the right direction and I think both days will be good this weekend.

Weekend dives

We are going to take the boat out Saturday and Sunday and plan to do double tank dives both days.

You will get to choose the sites from this very short list: Atlantis, Photographer’s Reef, SAS Pietermaritzburg, Ark rock wrecks, Boat Rock and the Glencairn Barge or even seals (Partridge Point) or cowsharks… Majority rules apply!

Honeycomb stingray at Texas in southern Mozambique
Honeycomb stingray at Texas in southern Mozambique


Currently we are busy with Nitrox, Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster as well as a few Open Water courses. This weekend would be a good time to start an Advanced course so mail me if you are interested.


Tony Lindeque
076 817 1099

Diving is addictive!

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