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Advanced driving in Malta

The Um El Faroud is a shore entry, like most of the dives we did in Malta. Our divemaster, Sergey from Subway Scuba in Malta, liked to start early (so do we) and as a result we always got the best parking spaces, closest to the dive site. On this particular day we were among the first divers on the wreck, but by the time we started our second dive the road leading down to the wreck was a madhouse.


It’s a really steep climb, so we were very grateful for the excellent parking skills of Sergey. As we left after the day’s diving, however, we had to wait at the top of the hill to be sure that the bus would make it out of its space without too much extra weight (me and Tony and two Russian divers) weighing it down! As a precaution against rolling, Sergey had used a “Maltese handle brake” (a rock) wedged behind the Scuba Bus’s rear wheel.

Special thanks to the anonymous cowboy who inserts himself into this clip near the end.

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