Kate has a zen moment

No mask breathing

Just thought I’d share this photo of Kate taken early last year when she was in Cape Town preparing for her Instructor exams. Firstly, the way she has all her gear tucked in and organised around her body is something that new divers should try to emulate. Dragging octos and pressure gauges mean expensive repairs and servicing, not to mention the damage that this equipment does to marine life and reefs.

Kate has a zen moment
Kate has a zen moment

Secondly she’s practising no-mask breathing, a skill which might make you want to panic, but is actually not that difficult once you relax and realise that water isn’t going to flood up your nose when you take your mask off. Think of swimming in the pool before you learned scuba – water doesn’t go into your nose unless you actually use your nose to inhale. Which in this case is obviously a no-no!

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